Our key to success is a valued, equipped and experienced team work



We owe our Brand Value to Our Understanding of Human Resources

The human resources vision and policy of the EVK Group, which consists of companies in different sectors and with different structures, are common. In addition, human resources practices are determined in a way that provides flexibility for the special conditions, sectoral differences and needs of the companies. As EVK Group, we have framed our understanding of human resources in line with our corporate values and in line with our stakeholders.

We believe that we will be successful with professionals who are realistic and can focus on the right target, adapt to our corporate values and do not lose their focus while moving forward.

If our understanding of human resources lays the groundwork for the creation of the working environment you dream of, if you think you understand our corporate perspective and are suitable for you, you can contact us by filling out the form below to become our teammate in any of our group companies within the EVK Group. We will be pleased to meet you.